Mystery gets deeper – Vishal RK Nagar Nomination

Vishal was given time to bring the 2 people who said their signature are not true before 3 PM. As it is the actor felt that the time is too less and now he says the 2 people, Deepan and Sumathi are not traceable and he is concerned about them. He also adds that whether he wins or not, democracy is lost.

As time passes by, Dheepan and Sumathi, who proposed my nomination are not traceable. I’m very much worried about their safety & security….

Whether I Win or Lose, Democracy truly Lost !!
— Vishal (@VishalKOfficial) December 7, 2017
Source: Galatta Tamil

One thought on “Mystery gets deeper – Vishal RK Nagar Nomination

  • December 8, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    Thanks for this site. I definitely agree with what you are saying.

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